The Art of Burial

The Art of Burial is a small group workshop developed and facilitated by Carrie Ahern. Each participant imagines their "fantasy burial" and then has it enacted on them. Open to anyone, no movement experience is required. The workshops happen every couple of months at different locations.

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UP NEXT: Sex Status 2.0 Oct 24 - Nov 10, 2018

borrowed Prey Logo

Borrowed Prey seeks to unveil spaces of connection/disconnection around death in our culture.

Borrowed Prey is conceived by choreographer/performance artist Carrie Ahern. It has 3 public components: A live, multidisciplinary performance diptych, installations and a participatory workshop--entitled The Art of Burial.

BP: Part I

Conceived, researched, directed and performed by Carrie Ahern

Borrowed Prey is an investigation of our relationship to the animals that most of us consume. Bringing together 4 strands of research: hunting, butchering, and slaughtering of animals, plus the work of animal behavior scientist and autistic Dr. Temple Grandin, I am attempting to illuminate more about the true “farm to table” process and our human capacity for empathy.

BP: Part II

Borrowed Prey: Part II is the second part of Carrie Ahern's diptych about death and modern life: focusing on human beings.

Adapting video game technology to create a symbiotic relationship between movement and sound, Borrowed Prey: Part II, addresses the complicated relationship of the body to medical technology.Where cultural dying ritual seems lacking in the Western world, Borrowed Prey: Part II reveals communal rituals that promote connection. The live ensemble, dancer and choreographer Carrie Ahern, Bessie Award winning dancer Carolyn Hall and composer/musician Anne Hege use their personal experiences of the dying process to inform the rituals. The work is supported by immersive original video by Harrison Owen, set and lighting by Jay Ryan and costumes by Naoko Nagata. An intimate work viewed in-the-round, Borrowed Prey: Part II presents a practice that supports life-affirming interconnectedness as an alternative to our culture’s current sanitized end of life processes.

Premiered in NYC at Alwan for the Arts Dec 2013

Borrowed Prey is made possible, in part, through Project: Space Available, a residency program in Seattle and The Field’s Artist Residency program, supported by the Lambent Foundation Fund of the Tides Foundation. Carrie Ahern Dance is a 2011 NYFA BUILD grant. BUILD is made possible through the generous support of the Booth Ferris Foundation, the JP Morgan Chase Foundation, the Lambent Foundation and the Harkness Foundation for Dance. Temple Grandin text used with her permission